1. Login
    If you are a member of Hubnet, you can login by clicking ‘login’ in the upper right-hand corner. Once logged in, you have access to some additional features (See below).
  2. Navigation Menu
    The Navigation Menu provides links to other pages within the SAARC website. Clicking on any of the links in this bar will redirect you to the corresponding page.
  3. Map
    The map displays all the Outbreaks released to the public. Each outbreak appears as an interactive colour coordinated dot on the map. The key for the disease type of an outbreak is located in the bottom right hand corner.
  4. Map interaction:
  • Zoom in and out by clicking on the Plus ‘+’ or minus ‘-‘ symbol in the top left corner, or by scrolling using your mouse wheel or touchpad.
  • Enter full screen by clicking on the Full screen button in the top left of the map. You can press the ESC key to exit.
  • Move the map around by clicking and dragging.
  1. Outbreak Information
    To get more information about an Outbreak, hover your mouse over the dot to see the Outbreak ID.
    Click on the outbreak for a small summary of the outbreak.
    For more detailed information about an Outbreak, click on a dot and then click on the Outbreak ID highlighted in blue to be redirected to the full Outbreak.
  2. Filter
    The filter allows you to decide which Outbreaks are visible.
    You can filter the outbreaks by:
  • Date
  • Disease
  • Animal Type
  • Country
  • Status

When you have your filters selected, click ‘Apply’. You should now see outbreaks that meet your filter requirements. To go back and view all outbreaks again, click ‘Reset’.

  1. Summary Reports
    You can request a summary report. A summary report will give you a summary of all Outbreak information in a .pdf or .csv. Like the map filter, you will be able to filter Outbreak information to suit your needs.
  2. News and Events
    The panel on the right displays the latest News and Events. To view, click on the title for the news you wish to view. To see all news, click on the Heading ‘News and Events’.
  3. Banner
    The moving banner at the bottom scrolls through all public outbreaks. Stop the banner by hovering your mouse over it. From here you can click on an outbreak to see more details.
  4. Search Bar
    You can use the search bar to search for content within the website. Just type in a word or phrase you with to search for and press ENTER.


Logged in Users

  1. Outbreaks
    Click on ‘Outbreaks’ in the Navigation Menu to be redirected to your Outbreaks page. From here you will be able to add new Outbreaks, and modify existing Outbreaks.
    See ‘Creating and Editing Outbreak Reports’ help page for more information on managing Outbreak Reports.
  2. Library
    By clicking Library in the Navigation Menu, you will be redirected to your Networks ‘Library’ in ALFRESCO.
  3. My Dashboard
    By clicking My Dashboard in the Navigation Menu, you will be redirected to ‘My Dashboard’ in ALFRESCO.
  4. My Profile
    By clicking My Profile in the Navigation Menu, you will be redirected to your profile in ALFRESCO.